Most Statoil filling stations have friendly and welcoming sellers. As in all companies, Statoil happens to be a salmon. For example, yesterday at the statue of Biķernieku Street there was a situation when the machine filled only about half of a paper cup with a cappuccino drink. When asked by my girlfriend why the machine poured so little, the seller did not so kindly point out that everything is in order, and there is 250ml, as written on the advertising poster.

As I don’t have much experience with Statoil refilling, I wasn’t sure how much was actually poured into the mug. I allowed the possibility that Statoil has reduced the portions, and there really is 250ml, although the eye still looked too little. Well nothing, there was no convincing argument, so we left.

I took a proper measuring cup at home and measured how much 250ml then and how much we ended up throwing. The difference can be seen in the attached picture – it is about 80ml, which is equal to a glance at about 32% of the liquid, or 32% of the money. It can happen in any way, but you have to have the right attitude and good service. I will know in the future.

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