Android Version

I have identified the first publicly available android application. Simply put, it is a mobile version of , the primary task of which is to obtain language translations in a convenient and fast way.

A few notes:

1. The mobile application uses an internet connection, so when the coverage is poor or unavailable, the word selection performance will also be relevant.

2. The words to be translated are selected using the auto-complete method. You are asked to choose from the first 15 results, if the word does not appear in this list, then you must enter a refinement letter to select more accurate results.

3. Clicking on a word translation will copy the word to the clipboard’s memory.

4. The application only uses an internet connection (no reading from the contact book, GPS location, etc.).

5. It is possible to send a suggestion for translations of words not in the dictionary: in the first view, press “menu”, select “Add translation” and fill in the required fields.