Photo Radar

Photo Radar app upgrade 1.1 has been added to the App Store . The changes are as follows:

• The application now also works on iOS 4.x phones (iPhone 3GS and later);
• Possibility to set a minimum speed threshold at which nearby radars are reported;
• Possibility to set automatic tracking of the map with the user’s location;
• Option to set automatic radar data recovery so that the user does not have to remember the data recovery. By default, the option is off;
• Can be set so that notifications of approaching radars occur * only * when the application is in background mode;
• The application remembers the previous settings so that the user does not have to install them each time. The exception is the speed threshold setting;
• Bug fix for a situation where some users “hang” during the first launch of the application;
• Help notifications have been created to make the application more understandable;

Your findings motivate me to continue working on this application. Thank you.

PS The next version of the application will also be available for iPhone 3G phones.