Last night, Apple confirmed the version of iMeet 2.0, which I am extremely happy about. Today, the innovation should already be spread across global App Stores.

If you have not heard of iMeet before, you can get acquainted with this program by visiting the relevant entries on this blog or by going to the official website – .

This is a huge upgrade , with lots of new features that make iMeet even more usable. The list with descriptions is below:

Now for free – if iMeet cost $ 0.99 before the upgrade, it’s now available for free download;
Automatic location restoration – previously the user had to turn on iMeet to restore their position, then with version 2.0 the location is automatically restored in the background (in the background). For this tool to work, you need a device with certain parameters – it is currently available on the iPhone 4 and soon on the iPad. There is one important nuance – if the user has not turned on iMeet, then the location is restored after a “significant location change”, which actually means that the position changes when radio towers, wifi stations change, as well as after a longer time interval. This approach provides longer battery life, as GPS and data transmission are very resource-intensive. I was able to design the application so that the location is updated all the time, but then such a function would significantly degrade the viability of the battery.
Notifications about nearby friends – the user can define the distance within which they want to receive notifications (push notification service) about nearby friends. This feature works on all iPhone models, but provided at least iOS 4.0+ is installed.
Freeze view – You can set iMeet to “track” changes in your friends’ position. When the feature is activated, iMeet adjusts itself (fades, shifts) the view as needed. This is useful when a small scale (deeply blurred ) is installed and a friend changes location significantly – once it meant regular fingers with your fingers around the map. Now, for example, when driving a car, it is possible to “freeze” the view and the map itself will follow the users.
GPS Accuracy Indicator – The GPS signal accuracy indicator, or circle, is now visible around the user, showing the region in which the friend is located. So far, there have been several times when a friend is depicted on the map in an inaccurate place (because, for example, in the basement, or the like).
Direction of travel indicator – If a friend has turned on iMeet and is on the move, others can see its direction of travel, which is indicated by an arrow above the icon.
iPhone 4 support – redrawed icons for the “Retina” screen, tested functions and used iPhone4 supporting functions;
User Base
iMeet is currently used by more than 30,000 users. I guess someone in this number might be interested in judging the potential of iMeet and how much it is currently used.

In principle, the iMeet code is ready for use on iPad, but it requires iOS 4.2, which is not yet publicly available. As far as creating a universal application (one program works on both platforms), I would like to wait a while for users to update their iPhones to version 4.2. So – yes, the iPad version will be, but it looks like the upgrade will appear early next year.

Web version
I’m currently working on the web version of iMeet, which will allow people to keep track of their friends’ locations without turning on their phone. It will include basic functionality – your current location of friends, emails sent and received, and the location of your phone, or what Apple calls the ” Find My iPhone ” feature in MobileMe. In any case, this is under development, but if someone wants a private invite, I can provide it – send a request with the email you registered with iMeet and a link in return.

Updated homepage
The iMeet homepage has also been updated, with short and clear displays of key ficuses and screenshots. Go to to learn more.

In conclusion
Well then so. I hope iMeet 2.0 becomes even more popular than the previous version. Use a lot and give a message about how you like it. You can download the latest version from the iTunes App Store .