You might have once played or see someone play bingo. This game based purely on chance is the only game that is favoured and played by all people in a social gathering. Generally, players have distributed tickets on which numbers are written in a 5X5 grid. The numbers in those grids are random. In the United Kingdom, bingo’s ticket has a grid of 5X3 numbers, i.e., 15 numbers are three lines. This variant of bingo is mostly played in the UK, New Zealand, Australia. But the classic game is becoming a huge success online.

When is Bingo Played?

It is best for having some fun and spending some quality time in a gathering whether social or personal. The players are given a 5X5 grid card. Random numbers are mentioned in the blocks of the matrix. In the American version of bingo, the person calling out the numbers may call randomly chosen numbers to 75. In English and Australian versions of bingo, you may choose to call any number from 1 to 90.

Bingo Played

The caller announces the number randomly and players cross the number if it matches the number announced. The game proceeds like this and the player who first crosses all the numbers in the grid both horizontal and vertically competes for the bingo line. He declares his win by saying “Bingo” out loud.

Bingo in Las Vegas

It may seem a simple game, but some people are crazy about it. You may play bingo at many places in Las Vegas. All prominent resorts, hotels, casinos, and amusement parks have a bingo room, for people to have some unadulterated fun. The information regarding the game of bingo is stored in the hard drives of the organisers in the form of a directory.

Bingo in Las Vegas

Where did the game first start?

Historians say that bingo was first played in Italy in the 1530s. ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’ is the name of the lottery that is used to organise bingo parties for anyone to take part after paying a small fee. It holds a traditional value for the Italians. Therefore, the game is played every Saturday there.

The game travelled and mesmerised the people of France in 1770. Here it assumed the name of ‘Le Lotto’. Although, the game was only famous among the wealthy and elite class of the French society. Australian version of bingo goes by the name ‘Housie’.

game first start

In America, the game became famous by the name of ‘beano’. A New York salesman tried to make some money out by selling some bingo kits and christened it as ‘Bingo’. Later, a game maker, Edwin hired Carl Leffler, a mathematician to invent some new bingo card combinations. Leffler is believed to have generated six thousand combinations of bingo cards.

In America, the game is so famous that it is played in catholic churches for raising funds for noble causes. Bingo is quite easy to play and t can be played by minors and adults as the player just have to keep the track of numbers so announced and cross it off from their grid and scream bingo at the top of their lungs after finishing.