Edijs from läbums.lv has baked an article about HTC Desire HD phone. The article is very good, but I wouldn’t be so interested if Eddie didn’t talk about this phone compared to the iPhone 4.

What is interesting is not a comparison in essence, type one better than another, but a pure user’s view of everyday functions and feelings. I agree with a lot in the article, I see a lot differently.

Let me remind you that I am the owner of both iPhone 4 and Desire. I also do development for both of these platforms. I still see the iPhone 4 as a more productive platform for both everyday and specific tasks , but I also see places where the Android OS is much more powerful. I would have a lot to say about both of these platforms, but I am disgusted to see silly comparative discussions of parameters, where each “front” screams without any arguments, understanding, knowledge and experience of the other platform. Eddy’s article, in my opinion, is not like that.

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