I don’t understand you a bit. Read here the full news, comments and opinions on the results of the presidential election. There is talk of popular uprising, disorder, misunderstanding and frustration. At the same place, everyone they meet makes a derogatory remark about the newly elected president.

In this connection, I had a question – are not so many people in Latvia clear about the basic principles of a parliamentary republic? In Latvia, however, you all choose a parliament, one of the functions of which is to elect a president. Simply put, you elect the President yourself, indirectly. Parliament has made a choice, just as you did in electing Parliament. The role of the President in politics also now seems sharply overestimated. From the excitement and conversations, I conclude that it is not even clear to a very large part what issues the President deals with in Latvia and who has decision-making power in Latvia.

Look at the list of deputies of the 10th Saeima . Count how many of these people you have heard at least once. I get less than half. And even so far I had no idea that the voice and image of “Degpunkta” Kārlis Seržants is sitting in the Saeima, for example . The truth is that it is these people in the country who make important decisions, including the election of a president.

I think it will take a couple of days and everyone will calm down. If the Saeima is also fired in July (?), Then the people will just retire the same muzzles, and for a couple of years there will be peace again and a good feeling of work. No one will understand anything, nothing will have changed.

For four years, I had to listen to derogatory remarks about the current president. A few days before the next presidential election, we have a newborn hero who promises to dismiss the ruling forces. For a moment, it seemed obvious to me why Zatlers had such a proposal, but it turns out that the public pulled populism very easily for a moment.

If someone is to blame, then only themselves. If something can be done, then only by making a different choice in the next Saeima elections. Or by taking and doing it yourself.

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