I recently joined the discussion on mobile phones. About what has been the history of my cell phones and specific models. I decided to throw it on the blog as well. So, in historical order with a few comments:

1. Ericsson GA628 (without any Sony: P)

Yes, kids, there were times when phones had a single line display. No vibrating alert and no clock function in the phone. This was my first phone.

Bought about nine years ago, I walked with it for about a year and a half probably. After being able to buy a chameleon-type panel (yep, the sieve between the buttons could be removed with a finger nail), the 20kg battery was also replaced with a slim battery. In short, a-la-mercedes at the time.

2. Sagem RC 715

This phone has been exchanged for the above . I don’t know if switching was the right move, but this phone had a clock and a 3 (?) Line display. About vibro call really already do not remember, but it seems that the ficus I gained only with the next phone

3. Alcatel one touch 303

OK, I have to admit that this choice was pretty weird. Although technological progress is noticeable – a vibrating bell, a smaller size, this one, but still somehow feminine. The phone turned out to be quite shabby and fragile – it exploded after about half a year.

If for the previous two models the screen LEDs were green, then for this model it was like orange, which on the one hand was cool, but on the other – tired quite quickly. At that time I wanted blue lighting, but we will return to it

4. Nokia 3210

I really liked this phone. The first phone without an antenna for myself and it seems to be on the market in general. Good display, melodies and a new option – put your logo on the screen Good construction and design. The next phone I wanted to buy was the Nokia 3310, but it was good that I didn’t do it, because it was actually something ugly. Anyway ..

5. Nokia 8210

Negative memories are associated with this phone. It was as if the phone was already cool-thin and short, with all the necessary functions, but I bought this used and rubbed it . The thing is that it regularly lost its “zone” and the fault was somewhere in the basic scheme of the phone. Also DUAL with repairs thoroughly chuckled me, so .. Ehh .. What a lot there. I have been using this phone for a couple of months. No special feelings.

6. Nokia 6110

Yep, the Nokia era continues with the business-class 6110. Here , the phone is bigger, has an antenna (as opposed to the 3210), has a seemingly smaller display, and is less popular with young people, but I didn’t care. I somehow appreciate the aura of the phone that it had.

7. Nokia 6310i

The best phone I’ve ever had. I still think so. I walked a total of 3.5 years with this phone and for me it still stands in a box with all the user’s manuals , hands-free and the rest. In a way, it was the perfect phone – design, construction, speed, convenience. I’ve written about it before .

And blue diodes, baby !!

8. Sony Ericsson k800i

No matter how much I liked the 6310i, it was time to ” go ahead “. Why? Then another memory card and Java applications such as GPS to run. I’m a GPS fan, ya ‘know ..

Why Nokia? It’s much faster than all its Nokia-Symbian crippled devices, but it’s not a perfect phone either. For example, a joystick (that little disgusting dowel right in the middle) is just a jerk and a feeling that any day it can just end. It was definitely the last time I bought a phone with this lever in the middle. In fact, I should have understood it after using Alcatel, but… You already know how it sometimes happens in life

In short, probably everything. There have been other phones for a short time, such as the Nokia 5110, but it was such a short time, so it is not listed here. When it comes to unfulfilled dreams , there are a couple more phones I’d like to have in my collection sometime, and they are the Nokia Banana ( Nokia 8110 ) and the Motorola MOTORAZR V3 . In a way, they are like time stamps for me.

About what could be the next phone then… Let’s say, if at one point I had great doubts, then now it looks like it will still be an Apple iPhone , because no one on the market offers a phone that would sympathize with me more. I am especially pleased with the fact that Apple will release an SDK for the iPhone, which basically means new applications and new features. I am also pleased that we will see real GPS support very soon and that’s basically all I need In case of SDK you won’t even need a jailbroken phone to get such GPS, but it’s too technical. Then we will see.