Artsy Editor


Writing longer texts can require patience and concentration. That is why various tools that make writing free from the clutter around have become quite popular. Of course, these are just tools or programs on your computer.

Examples such as WriteRoom , OmmWriter , and Byword come to mind . These tools are quite great, but when writing texts for a blog, they inevitably become another layer of work, because after completing the article all the written text will have to be copied to the blog post editor, letters and paragraphs will most likely have to be reformatted, links will not work, etc.

For those who write a blog using the WordPress engine, I recommend looking at a new, still emerging product – Artsy Editor . In essence, it will be a wordpress plugin that will replace the built-in WYSIWYG editor and work similarly to the applications listed above. True, visually it most closely resembles the Byword interface.

It is currently possible to apply for a 50% discount coupon. If the final price is not too expensive, then I will buy it myself.