App Store


As of today, you can download the native Google Latitude iPhone client from the App Store .

Visitors to the blog may have noticed that I created an iPhone application ” iMeet ” a year and a half ago , which does something very similar. Of course, Google has more influence and this will become a more popular solution, but I hope that my iMeet will not disappear with it.

I myself still believe that iMeet is a more functional tool that provides more options, even if you can see your friends in real-time mode (location update every 10 seconds), which Google Latitude does not provide. It is even possible to send messages in the application itself, receive automatic notifications about nearby friends, as well as many other things.

I may write a more detailed comparative article a little later. Now you need to take a coffee and think deeply about whether it is worthwhile to continue developing iMeet at all. I’ve also started the Android version, but it’s hard to deal with heavyweights like Google.