It’s been a month since I used my girls’ MacBooks more or less actively. I will write a little about the things that I especially like about it and that I definitely do not go to my heart.

Likes :

LCD – screen quality was noticed immediately. Definitely the best laptop LCD I’ve ever sat at.
Console – What could be better than this?  If I look at this event as a Windows user who really missed the presence of a UNIX console, then a Mac is an ideal OS that combines nice eye-candy graphics and is built on the console. Just perfect.
Spotlight – the perfect property. We imagine that we need to find something in the system settings, an application, files, emails, or some phrase from the content of the document. Spotlight finds anything in seconds.
Standard software – yep, here MS just fades. Mac OS X already comes with programs that allow you to: create movies yourself, burn DVDs, create normal music tracks ( by track ), organize your picture library and music, create presentations, sync devices with your Mac, schedule time (calendar). Not to mention simple things like taking a screenshot – you know what a pain it is to take a screenshot in XP, where it supports just a normal file compression format. You don’t have to buy any tilde offices or winlats to work with a Russian keyboard. Should I continue?
Compatibility – I haven’t found a device that doesn’t work on a MacBook yet – all those USB flash drives, card readers, cameras – they’re just plugged in and everything works. Even my wacom tablet panel and PS / 2 => USB adapter (for any mouse / keyboard) are gone in an instant. It looks like the only exception will probably be printers, but it remains to be tested.
Battery – Brilliant in my view. If IBM or HP holds 1.5 hours, then the MacBook holds 3.5 hours at medium load (maximum 6 hours).
Innovations – No software or driver upgrade is not applied for the MacBook restarts. Well ok, once asked, but it was some kind of MacBook kernel upgrade, not an operating system or software ..
Remote – The standard comes with a sexy, small remote that lets you control presentations, slideshows, music, movies, etc. Ideally, Apple has included it as standard.
Shutdown – on the cocky windows, I’ve come across several times that if I take shut-down and close the laptop, it doesn’t shut down, but it continues to work, or at best it enters stand-by mode. This has never happened with a MacBook. Feel free to take the shutdown and lock the lid hard- The OS will shut down normally without any surprises (type empty battery, lost data)
Failed / disliked / not working :

Internet via phone (bluetooth) – Although I managed to connect my SE K800i mobile phone, I didn’t understand HOW. The thing is that in Windows it is relatively easy to do (at least understandably) – we use a mobile phone as a device, make a new modem connection, enter LMT their GPRS number and everything. For Mac OS X I didn’t even have to. “Join network on k800i” just appeared on bluetooth devices. On the other hand, I couldn’t connect the slightly older Nokia 7370. Firstly, such a menu does not appear where the K800i appeared, and secondly, no matter how hard you tried to get a connection via bluetooth, it just didn’t work. Damn.
Headphone / Line-In input – either it’s just me, but the line-in jacks are ridden, as such… At least my headphones and microphone so strangely sway in those ports. Maybe again this is a hint that you need to buy apple equipment?
Hibernate – Special hacks must be made so that the mac can be turned off without losing data and downloaded programs. The hibernate feature on windows is placed here.
Safari – I don’t know why Apple calls it the ” best browser in the world “, but I don’t think so. At least the 2.x versions are really good at times, and this doesn’t work, like Although it can’t be called a lack of OS, because there is also FireFox, but the pages are already produced by developers, so probably google just did not try in this case. This could not really be mentioned as a negative thing, because by and large everything is already working.
Keyboard backlight – Apple would require not only the PRO versions to integrate the keyboard backlight, but also the standard MacBook. That would have been sweet.
Office spell-check – Although Microsoft also produces its Office software for Mac OS X, it does not support spell check for Latvian (Office 2004). If the language is not on this list , then do nothing there. Maybe the latest office version will include Latvian, but for now we have to deal with TextEdit (or iWork Pages) + cocoAspell , but such a solution is also quite hooked, because the Latvian dictionary in Aspell contains only half of all LV words. In case of despair, the last option is to write the text in Firefox (with the extension installed), then copy it all in to one of the text editors… In short, the spellcheck on the Mac should be forgotten.
MacBook screen cover – it doesn’t bend as wide as you’d like. It is common for laptops to be carried on your lap and when lying down in a supine position, it is possible to work comfortably by unfolding this cover by almost 180 °. In the case of the MacBook, this may not be as easy as the angle is not so wide and the cover is not so wide at all. Similarly, for a particular specimen, it cracks slightly plastic when folded. When folded into a certain position, both hold quite firmly.
Summarizing all this penteri with important and not so important things, I can conclude that a Mac could be ideal for those who are just starting to work with computers, thanks to the range of software and the intuition of the OS. Most operations on this operating system can be done with the mouse- don’t like the program-> just drag it to the trash. You want to make an uberforte movie yourself – pull pictures, music and videos from your camera with the mouse simply in a pre-installed program and everything is ready!

About linuxoid arguments – for me Linux is not a desktop operating system at all and I don’t think it will ever be. For me, OS means more than firefox and skype.

As for myself, I’ve been using computers since the days of MS-DOS and windows 3.0 , so the addiction to Microsoft has been strong. However, this does not prevent me from saying unequivocally now that I will switch to the Mac platform myself, because everything I need is already there – I need image processing and software development tools (photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, etc). If you ever need to start a windows application (JS Latvia with GPS), then Boot Camp or Parallels will be my friend.

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