For a couple of years now, I’ve switched completely to the Mac platform and I always have iPhone and / or Android-based phones in my pocket. I have not followed Microsoft’s development, mostly because it has stagnated for decades. Between XP and Windows 7 was how much, 10 years or? And even now it cannot be said that there is fundamentally new innovation.

But in a slightly different opinion, I’m talking about Windows Phone 7 , which is now probably the real name for Microsoft’s mobile platform. The title of the article is just a sarcastic reminder of the original name of the platform, which seemed as stupid to me as Balmer’s usual performances , or the sudden celebrations that are apparently regularly celebrated in Microsoft store stores.

Going back to my main point .. I’m not a fan of Microsoft products, but it seems to me that Windows Phone 7 could even be a very competitive product for the average user. It is true that this platform does not have an Apple ecosystem and device / content integration, nor an Android openness ideology, but if Microsoft (or adapters) developed the basic functions of the phone (calling, contacts, SMS, calendar, web browser) and included a couple of fully perfectly developed applications (Photo galleries, Youtube / Video, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), then for some people I would recommend this phone as the most suitable smartphone . Nowadays, it seems that as a result of fierce competition, even the iPhone is starting to become difficult for the average user.

Do you remember how many years Microsoft pushed for the “transformation” of its desktop operating system for mobile devices? All those picks (drivers), drivers and device incompatibilities? I’m not sure how things will turn out, but I think Windows Phone 7 is the first OS since the iPhone (2007) to offer its own, semi-unique version of the user interface , rather than trying to copy every little detail. And that’s great. Some presentations can be viewed on the relevant Microsoft advertising page .

I can change my mind as soon as I see another low-quality Taiwanese plastic phone design, or when I take this phone in my hand and find that the whole user interface twitches like a poisoned monkey, but to this day my thoughts are on paper .

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