If someone has had to pay for a traffic violation, then he has certainly noticed that the administrative protocol itself does not mention the account number or any other information that would allow him to pay the penalty himself, via the Internet bank. But in reality it is not at all. Maybe someone knows this trick , but if I can’t shed light on what to do.

Thus, there are ” giro payments “, according to which the banking systems themselves can deposit in which accounts they need.

To do this, for example, hanzanet.lv, it is necessary to enter Payments-> Bank-defined payments-> Giro invoice payment and then enter Giro No. (which is written on the minutes), invoice number (also on the minutes), description and amount. You can re-enter the invoice number in the description field, maybe even the car number plate, to find the payment more securely in case of any errors .

That’s it. Easy and painless enough. On the other hand, what CP should do is write another line on the protocol that the penalty can also be paid online using a giro number.

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