It can be really bad, because an awful lot of pages (excluding portals) now show people’s name days, so I removed them from my page a while back (I was the only word finder, but who looks at words on these pages anyway?).

Now this FICA I have returned only difference so that the names are clickable and have the opportunity to see theater critic Gunnar Treimanis interpretation or explanation of the name of a particular name holder. A fine move isn’t it? : D
Additionallyplanted The air temperature in Riga (and weather conditions) as well as the bank’s exchange rate (which is abnormally necessary for everyone) are also set.

Sometime in the near future I will also put back the salary calculator (which calculates from gross to net salary and vice versa). Many had searched for this thing through google (etc.), but no thank you had even thanked me – I had not seen it on any other page. OK and then there will be another module about which now no word.

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