During the regular geocaching , a rather interesting object was discovered in the Great Cemetery of Riga (noticed by mink Jana ), about which I did not know anything before. An object (monument?) Is like a space that is partially underground. Inside there is a computer, chair, heater, a couple of books and a closet.

The description tells that the object is dedicated to people whose contribution to the history of Riga and Latvia is significant and whose burial places in the Great Cemetery of Riga have disappeared. There is also something about how people once relied on mythological forces and how they no longer do so, and blah blah blah. Honestly, I finally didn’t understand this “monument” and its context, although it must be said that the idea as such is not bad, somewhere to install such in a public place. But about how it fits where he is at the moment and about the performance .. hard to judge.

Of course, do not do without the walls and footprints described by urls, which tell about urls’ attempts to break organic glass with stone.

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