Those who read this blog more often will have realized that one of my hobbies is photography. Then, if I used to work with Canon equipment, now it has changed. I have sold my soul to a Nikon brand and specifically – I have bought a Nikon D3 full frame camera with a Nikon 70-200 VR photo lens. The impressions on the whole are insanely great.

For those who find this choice unreasonable / vague, I will try to write a few self-invented questions and answers.

Why switch from Canon? – There is no clear answer. First of all, Canon lenses have made me sad lately. Most 70-200mm 2.8IS lens, which is quite poor quality after tests. The F4 version is much better, but I wanted 2.8, so what ? : P Secondly, at the moment it really had nothing to choose from, because the variants of Canon full frame type cameras were 5D and 1Ds. It should be noted that the 5D has been on the market since 2005 and is gradually falling to that level. Canon developers as usual as guerrillas are silent about 7D and wait for me just tired. MkIII, on the other hand, is somewhat inadequately expensive (I will continue on MkIII somewhere below). And one last reason: I already think Canon cameras have been around for 7 years. It was time to change something, maybe just after the change.

Are you new Money was not sorry? – No. The next question.

Madness, but you have to change all the lenses !! ?? – Yes. But. If I had once decided to switch to a full-frame matrix, I would have to change them anyway. Besides, I stay old and move on to quality rather than quantity. Because better 3 quality glasses than 10 sigmas, tamrons, etc.

What is the best thing about this camera? – Definitely, it’s not one specific thing, but several. For example, I like the quality of the photo at high ISO. The maximum ISO for this baby is 25600 (no, it’s not a typo) and the quality is amazing even in such a crazy mode. In addition, ISO looks more like analog noise than digital.

I really like the dual CF slot – you can insert two Copact Flash cards and install them differently. For example, to write RAW on one card and JPEG on the other. Or to write on one when the jam is full then automatically on the other. Another option is to back up the images on both cards. This is an uber useful for wedding custom photographers to provide backup. It’s not a joke to have a wedding, but after a show with a sad face, the wedding organizers are told that CF has broken.

Colors – maybe that’s in my head, but I don’t like Canon colors (anymore). For Nikon, they are somehow more natural / neutral / true. And I like it. The most Canon for me is red and green. Already after the pictures I can tell whether it is stocked with Nikon or Canon. Of course, everything can be blushed, but in general, such an impression has arisen.

There are many more positive things. For example, you can record camera modes on a CF card and transfer them to a computer or other Nikon cameras and take a photo with the same settings on other cameras. There are many such nice little things, but laziness to write now. Interested parties will already read / have read the specification. There are already ficus that I don’t care about. For example 11 frames / second. I have enough time for 2 shots, but 11 is also quite impressive.

Why not Canon 1Ds MkIII? – Too expensive and in many ways hooks to this Canon. For example, Canon has 22Mpix, Nikon only 12Mpix. However, by taking a Nikon shot and resampling it to 22Mpix resolution, the Nikon picture still looks better. You can read more about this in this comparative article (on resolution here ). In terms of ISO, Nikon also outperforms MkIII. I don’t justify my choice with this and I’m still happy about the guys who have Mark, but these are the reasons for choosing D3.

Is there something you don’t like? – Given the price of the camera, the manufacturers could still blow a few more MPixels somewhere so that there would not be enough on large prints. I don’t print much, but it would be nice. A sensor cleaner (working) would also be nice. Also, the weight will someday hit me, because this camera will no longer be able to take it freely with me on a bike ride, for example. Although for such pleasures I still have the old Canon machine.

What about lenses? – As I said, there are no problems. Nikon has the same quality (if not even better) glass as Canon. The purchased 70-200 f2.8 VR (VR is the same as Canon IS) lens is fantastic. So sharp that you can cut bread with it. I still want 14-24mm f2.8 and 24-70mm f2.8. And then I will eat.

What do you think of Canon / Will you now be a Nikonist who will only defend Nikon everywhere? – No. Canon has good cameras. Just not as good as Nikon: D But seriously, even though I’ll be shooting with Nikon next time (I don’t know how long), I still look at these things relatively freely. New / better Canon will come, better glass – I will buy Canon again. I don’t hate.

What else will you say? – Yes. I will quote a foreign blog post: ” […] I imagine Nikon managers in Japan sitting proudly and showing their competitors the middle fingers of this product […] “. I visualize and think it could be.

About it. New days will come, experience will come. I will definitely discover new possibilities and new abominations for this camera. But this is not important at the moment. The main thing that the pictures themselves like and are comfortable. Pictures will appear in my gallery kaaaut when. As usual 😉

Oh yes, please don’t call anyone this camera Niki in my presence, otherwise I want to pierce my ears with a screwdriver every time I hear that word.

Thank you for your attention!

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