About a week ago I bought a new 24-inch LED monitor – Dell U2412M . It is a great monitor in its price range, which is also confirmed by various reviews found on the Internet.

Not everything works for everyone!
Every product has an important application. I don’t play computer games, and I watch relatively few movies. Almost all the time I spend on the screen, I work with text manipulation (programming, writing, reading literature, torturing the Internet ), as well as photo / audio / video consumption and processing. Accordingly, the most important things for me in a monitor are its size, resolution, color and contrast interpretation, and ergonomics. I’m much less worried about the monitor’s response time, or the lack of an HMDI input, for example.

Another thing that usually doesn’t bother people is aesthetics. I wouldn’t buy a monitor that looks like most LG monitors – with a plastic, thick, glossy frame and all sorts of non-functional curves. If I have to look at a thing so much, then it has to be without attention-grabbing visual “defects”. In that sense, the Dell monitor is simple, and I really like it.

I want to emphasize color calibration as an extremely important process . So far, I haven’t come across a monitor that, when unpacked, would show a flawless picture. Also, this Dell monitor only fully bloomed after color calibration. I have never been able to achieve a perfect result by changing the RGB color scale on a monitor, so I use a physical iron for color calibration. In my case, it’s Spyder 2 .

I based my choice of monitor on personal recommendations as well as this flatpanelshd.com review . A simplified way to read about the ISP technology that underlies this monitor can be found here . In the online store, the monitor is currently available for about 165 Ls, which is a completely adequate price.

In any case, I can recommend this monitor to those who are looking for an inexpensive and good monitor. Although it must also be remembered that technology is evolving rapidly, this recommendation will no longer be relevant in a year’s time.

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