Menedžementu atšķirības

Visi slavē Google menedžmentu, jo tas darbiniekiem piešķir 20% laika, ko veltīt jebkādam projektiem. No šī Times publicētā raksta izriet, ka kompānija Valve saviem darbiniekiem piešķir 100%.

To spur creativity, Google management created the concept of “20 percent time,” the portion of employees’ schedules that they could commit to entirely self-directed projects. At Valve, it’s more like 100 percent time. New employees aren’t even told where to work in the company. Instead, they are expected to decide on their own where they can contribute most. Many desks at Valve are on wheels. After figuring out what they want to do, workers simply push their desks over to the group they want to join.

Un kā jums patīk jūsu darbs?

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